Get Summer Ready With Our Healthy Eating Tools

Healthy Eating Tools To Inspire You This Summer

Get summer ready and start eating healthily with our superb range of cooking tools available at Dexam. For those who prefer to eat something more substantial than a salad, with the right tools you can create a delicious dinner that is as healthy as it tastes amazing!

Eating healthier is not just the ingredients that you eat, but also the way in which you choose to cook them. By changing the way that you cook, you could see a difference in the way that you feel!


Healthy Eating Tools - Chasseur Grill Pan Provence Blue

Chasseur cast iron grill pan

A healthier way of eating, cooking with a grill pan can be an exciting and healthier way to cook. Using less oil, the grill pan can cook evenly while creating the iconic char grilled lines that we associate with this style of cooking. From chicken, steaks to vegetables, get grilling with Chasseur..


Healthy Eating Tools - School of Wok: Skinny Wok

School of Wok skinny wok

For those that like to indulge in Asian cuisine, choose a wok that you can rely on to perform every time. With a smooth bamboo handle, the textured surface of the skinny wok creates a natural non-stick surface, allowing food to cook without sticking to the pan. When cooking with this wok, the amount of oil that you use can be reduced, helping you to cook healthier.


Healthy Eating Tools - Dexam Supreme 3 Tier Steamer

Supreme 3-tier steamer set

A common knowledge, many people will be aware that steaming is a healthier method of cooking. By steaming 2 layers onto a boiling saucepan, you can effortlessly cook food in a healthier way. The steam travels up the steaming tier, cooking the food. Whether you choose to cook fish, meat or vegetables, this steaming set can be used on all hob types.


Healthy Eating Tools - Dexam Spiralizer

Spiralizer with 3 vegetable blades

Do you struggle to get excited about the thought of eating a large bowl of salad? If you are bored on bland flavours, spice up your salad and get spiralizing. By taking courgette through the spiralizer, you can turn it into a delicious noodle, or spiral your carrot before layering on top of lettuce in your bowl.


If you like the look of our fantastic range of healthy cooking tools, perfect for cooking up scrumptious healthy dishes at home, head over to our website to take a look at the whole range!