Get spiralizing this New Year

Every New Year we promise ourselves that we will work harder to improve one aspect of our lives. Many choose to join and gym and embark on a fad diet that they know that they will never keep, others choose to either save money or give up smoking.

Dexam spiralizer

For those who have decided to take more care of their inner health, watching what they eat and participating in exercise once again, we have a solution to make dieting fun.

Spiralizing is a fun and healthy way to transform your favourite vegetables into those naughty meals that you have been craving. With the use of a spiralizer, you can turn a humble sweet potato into a delicious tagliatelle or an apple into a healthy and low-fat crisp. When you use a spiralizer the options of what you can create are endless and by using vegetables to create your favourite dishes, you can make dieting fun.

The spiralizing trend graced the scene in 2013 and has been a huge hit ever since, with hundreds of recipes appearing in cookbooks on how to create a healthy and nutritious spiralized lunch for those on the go.

But what is so great about spiralizing? Along with being a healthier and more fun option to include vegetables into your diet, cooking with vegetable noodles contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than when cooking with pasta or noodles. The trend of spiralizing has appealed to everyone, from those wanting to lose a few pounds, to the gluten intolerant, or those choosing a vegetarian, vegan or paleo diet. By turning squash into a delicious noodle, those with an intolerance can enjoy stir fry once again.

As well as being a healthy alternative, spiralizing is great fun and a fantastic opportunity to involve the kids and get them to help out with the cooking.

At Dexam, we fully believe in the importance of eating healthy and delicious meals and believe eating a nutritious diet is important in creating the ultimate version of yourself. Back in July 2016, Dexam teamed up with Macmillan cancer support charity, donating a profit from every spiralizer sold to fund all the hard work that they do and for them to continue their work for many years to come. For every spiralizer sold, Dexam will donate 40p and so far, has raised over £12,410 to help support their important cause.

When you purchase a spiralizer at Dexam, along with contributing towards a good cause, you can take care of your health and create delicious, wholesome meals that everyone will love. In the past we have recommended a freshening beetroot and carrot spiral salad that goes great with pomegranate seeds, but with the weather being chilly, we for one are after something richer and more flavoursome to keep us going this cold winter.

zucchini noodles

One dish that we are loving and cannot recommend enough to warm you up this January, is the nutty zucchini noodles with pesto and toasted pine nuts. Whether you are after a small lunch or wanting a big dinner, this dish is the ideal meal to enjoy without the afterthought of guilt that comes with eating pasta.

If you wish to spiralize this dish, view our recipe, or treat yourself to the Dexam spiralizer, a tool that you will cherish and enjoy using time and time again.