Get jam making with Dexam


Referred to as preserving, you may know this activity more as jam making! A sweet activity, making jam can be fun, a great way to spend the afternoon!

By creating jam as a family, you can make individual pots suited to your preference or get experimental, mixing fruit to create a unique flavour. For those who take the task of jam making seriously or those wanting to learn the basics of this delicious task, at Dexam, we have the tools available for all budgets.

From a large stainless steel preserving pan to our air tight mason jars to store your fruity creations, get all your equipment here at Dexam.


Supreme Jam Pan

A sturdy and superior quality jam pan from our Supreme range. When it comes to making large quantities of jam, there is only one pan for you to use! Made from the highest quality Stainless Steel, this jam pan comes with handles for easy lifting and measurements on the inside of the pan.


Dexam ThermoSpoon

A handy dual tool, this Dexam ThermoSpoon is both a digital thermometer and a silicone spatula. So, while you stir your homemade jam, you can measure the temperature of the mixture for accurate readings. Detachable, this duo is both useful and versatile, perfect for all cooking adventures.


Glass Clip Top Jars

After all the hard work has taken place and you are looking around for the perfect jar to store your creation, use these glass clip jars. Air tight and secure, these glass jars comes with a clip top and a rubber sealing ring.


Preserving Jar Funnel

Whether you are making a small or a large batch, when it comes to transferring your jam into your jars, it can often turn into a messy and sticky task! When transferring your jam, use this jar funnel, made from stainless steel, lower the amount of mess that you make and use a tool that you can rely on!


Long Wooden Preserving Spoon

Stirring your batch of homemade strawberry jam can be hard work! Not any more with this long preserving spoon. Long and swift, make light work of jam making with this useful tool!


Jam and Deep Fry Thermometer

Another useful thermometer, essential when wanting the accurate temperature of your homemade jam. Tough and durable, this jam and deep fry thermometer is a useful tool, tucking neatly into your drawer for when the time comes to perform!

If you like our range of preserving tools, head over to our website to see much more. From more glass jars that you can be confident are air tight to jelly bags, helping you to create fresh, fruity homemade jelly. Visit our website today and learn a new skill in the kitchen.