Get creative with your baking this Christmas

Christmas is the time to give into temptation and over indulge ourselves on rich, sweet food that leaves us feeling stuffed and taking a mid-afternoon nap.

One part of Christmas that we particularly love, is the desserts that surround us.

From the traditional Christmas pudding, to cute little gingerbread men and a sweet roulade that makes our teeth rot, Christmas is all about sweets and sugar.

For those who enjoy baking and getting the children to help with their next masterpiece, we have some inspirational ideas for your next challenge.

mirrored marble cake

Mirrored Marble Cake

An elegant cake design that is increasing with popularity but surprisingly simple to create, this marbled mirror cake is sure to make your mouth drop with its beauty.

Stunning to look at, making these beautiful cakes might take a bit of practice. Using gelatin, liquid glucose, sugar, food colouring and water as a few ingredients, you can create this hypnotic icing.

By heating all the ingredients on a high heat, once all the ingredients have been mixed, you should be ready to add the icing to the cake only when it has reached 35°C.

For those bakers wanting to be experimental with their mirrored marble cake, wait until the icing has set and decorate the top with fruit and icing for an extra wow effect.

Sweet Surprise

Pinata cakes are the ultimate cake for those with children, whether you will be making it for a birthday party, or as a Christmas treat, the effort that has gone into this bright creation will not go unnoticed.

Created with love, to bake this masterpiece, bake 4 separate layers of sponge, taking 2 layers and with a circular cookie cutter in the centre, cut out a round hole.

With the round hole that you have just created, fill it with all makes of sweets that you wish, from smarties to jelly tots.

Using a flavoured icing, layer the remaining 2 sponge layers together to create your 4-tier cake that you can then ice and decorate to your hearts content.

festive print sponge cake

Surprise Festive Cake

Nothing quite beats the surprise on the children’s faces as you cut into the cake to reveal a festive Christmas tree.

The trick to creating this baking masterpiece is by making two cakes, cooking the first cake twice. By cooking the first cake and when it has slightly cooked and only just firm to touch, remove the cake from the oven and leave to cool. As you will have added dye to the first cake that you cooked, all you will need is some Christmas tree cookie cutters to cut out a long Christmas tree shaped cake.

By making the mix to the second cake, when you go to pour the mixture into your tin, place the cut-out Christmas tree in first and then pour the cake mix on top before placing into the oven once again to cook fully.

A fun and exciting alternative way to baking this festive Christmas tree loaf, is a sure way to get the kids involved and excited for the holiday season.

Although these three styles of cake may seem hard and challenging at first, after much practice or luck, they can be surprisingly fun and enjoyable to create.

By taking the time out of your busy schedule on the run up to Christmas, you could make a deliciously stunning cake that will brighten up your Christmas day.