Fresh herbs all year long

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Do you struggle when it comes to caring and looking after fresh herbs?

There are hundreds of households out there that have the same problem as you, buying fresh herbs to add to dishes but after the first use, they forget that they have stored them away and fail to use them again. If you have forgotten about the herbs that you have placed into your fridge, you may be unaware of their decreasing shelf life. Herbs that have been brought from the supermarket have only a shelf life of a few weeks.

For many households who have placed their herbs into the fridge, many will discover later on that their herbs have begun to decompose, the stages of the decomposition of a herb is: fresh, yellow, brown to a pool of smelly water lingering at the back of your fridge!

With technology and gadgets developing all the time, finding a useful hack to improve and expand the life span of fresh herbs has arrived. Say good bye to dead herbs and say hello to the future. With the use of the Chef’n Herbcicle Plus, you can keep herbs fresher for longer by storing them in this neat little grinder in the freezer.

So how does the Chef’n Herbcicle Plus work? Cut up fresh herbs and place them into the Herbcicle before storing in the freezer When you are cooking a delicious meal and are wanting to add some herbs to the ingredients, by taking the Herbcicle out of the freezer and grinding over the meal you are currently cooking, you can add herbs to your dish with ease. The heat from the cooking will defrost the herbs and will transform them to the condition that they were before being placed into the freezer, giving cooks across the country the chance to create delicious meals with quality ingredients.

When using the Chef’n handy herb grinder, make sure that you freeze the grinder on its side, not upright and that you allow the mill to defrost for at least 10 minutes before you intend to use it. This tool should be used with pride in all homes and kitchens across the country, helping to store those tasty little herbs that add flavour and zing to our dishes; by placing chef'n frozen herb keeperdamp herbs into the Herbcicle, you can keep herbs fresher for longer while improving the quality of your dishes.

From basil, parsley to coriander, be sure to store your herbs in this handy little tool, allowing you to keep fresh herbs all year round. Take a look at our full Chef’n range full of genius cooking hacks that can transform the quality of your cooking.