Food and whiskey, the ultimate pairings

Are you a lover of Whiskey?  When indulging and pouring yourself a much deserved glass of whiskey, partner and pair with dishes that can complement the deep and subtle flavours perfectly!

At Dexam we will be recommending a range of different dishes to complement your whiskey, while teaching you the basics when partnering whiskey and food.

No matter your choice of tipple, or whether you prefer a Single Malt Scotch to a Cask Scotch, we have a recipe for you.

pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie

A perfect counterpart for those drinking Single Malt Scotch. The sweetness of the pumpkin pie, fit hand in hand with Whiskey with sweeter palate. If you can taste subtle vanilla and spiced tones, this pumpkin pie is the perfect accompaniment.

Lamb Shank

Slow cooked lamb that melts in the mouth should be appreciated and enjoyed with a large glass of Whiskey. For a dish that will complement and play upon the individual flavours, slow cook this tender lamb shank in your favourite Chasseur tagine for maximum enjoyed.

Foraged Forest Fruit Crumble

For those who prefer to drink a large glass of bourbon whiskey served on ice, there is only one counterpart that can improve the flavours of the whiskey! By partnering your bourbon with a fruit crumble, the sweet caramelized flavours will play upon each other perfectly, swirling and dancing on your taste buds.

Beef Bourguignon

An intense flavoured whiskey with different notes should be  partnered with a rich and intense beef Bourguignon. Serve with a selection of your favourite vegetables, this treat is best enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon and in front of a roaring fire.

Classic Chicken Chasseur

Although an autumnal winter dish, Chicken Chasseur can complement the tones of all whiskey perfectly. Served with either broccoli and roasted potatoes with thyme, the chicken absorbs the flavours of your whiskey, allowing you to fully appreciate its deep flavours.

salmon xo

Salmon Bites in XO Onion Sauce

There is something rather magical about the partnership of salmon and whiskey, particularly when cooking with freshly caught Scottish salmon. This recipe is from our good friend, celebrity chef Jeremy Pang. Taken from his cook book Chinese Unchopped, this recipe, is a concoction of delicious flavours. From the chilli, sweet and sour sauce to the sweetness of the sugar snap peas, this dish offers it all. Allowing you to appreciate your whiskey to its full potential.

Truly appreciate the variety of flavours and aromas that make up your bottle of whiskey and partner them with their food counterparts.

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