Fight back against plastic waste with the d.stil bottle

d.still grey bottle

People will soon be able to refill their water bottles in shops, restaurants and businesses across the country as part of a large scheme to combat the growing waste of plastic water bottles in the UK.

The scheme is being led by the water industry and aims to prevent the unneeded waste of tens of millions of water bottles every year.

A scheme which is well overdue, it is hoped that by allowing water to be more accessible to the public, it can reverse the negative effects that it has created on the environment particularly the oceans.

To curb the growing tide of plastic waste popping up over the UK, it is hoped that an app will be created to alert the public of their closes water refill point.

Whitbread is the first company to have signed up to this proposed scheme and has offered to provide free drinking water in each of its 3,000 Costa Coffee and Premier Inn locations from as early as March.

A scheme that is emerging only now due to the increasing worrying levels of recycled plastic in the country’s landfill and oceans worldwide, it is hoped that when out and about it is hoped that we will all use a reusable water bottle, resulting in the decreasing need to purchase plastic bottles.

It is hoped that the scheme will be as successful as the Refill Campaign, creating more than 1,600 water refill stations across the UK.

The Refill Campaign was launched in Bristol in 2015 and there is now more than 200 refill points spread out across the city centre.

It is thought that if every resident in Bristol refilled a bottle once a week, the city could cut the wastage of plastic water bottles down by 22.3 million a year.

The Refill Campaign was such a success that in 13 town and cities across the country, cafes, bars, businesses and banks have all signed up to make drinking water accessible.

It is also hoped that water companies will consider installing public drinking foundations in towns and cities up and down the country and restore older fountains which have fun into ill health.

Jump on board this upcoming scheme and do your part to preserve the health of the worlds ocean and curb the number of water bottles that end up in our country’s landfill.

When you purchase a d.still water bottle, along with contributing and getting prepared for the up incoming water scheme you will also contribute towards’s mission to bring clean drinking water to thousands without access around the world.

Since d.stil partnered with, they have managed to bring clean drinking water to over 400 people who were in desperate need.