Feeding the homeless with Wok for 1000

Over 200 volunteers joined forces on Tuesday 31st October to take part in the charitable event, Wok for 1000.

school of wok

The second annual event organised by School of Wok founder Jeremy Pang, the first was held in 2016 and was a huge success.

Teaming up with Plan Zheroes, Jeremy and his team of chefs were on hand to teach volunteers how to create three delicious Asian dishes; waste less pork wontons, leftover vegetable laksa and community Thai green chicken curry.

The main goal from the event, along with teaching volunteers how to cook tasty meals, is to get over 1000 dishes dispensed to those hungry and in need on the streets of London.

Speaking at the event, Jeremy explained that he got his inspiration to feed those in need while in the Philippians where he witnessed people starving on the streets.

Trying to support a good cause has not been easy for Jeremy, “at the beginning, we struggled to give our food to charities due to public safety and hygiene”.

A huge part of Wok for 1000 and what makes it so successful is its collaboration with Plan Zheroes who choose where to send the food and where it is most needed.

Plan Zheroes is a small charity, run through a social network where a relationship is developed between food businesses and charities to ensure that the food reaches those in dire need.

wok for 1000

Jeremy when speaking about Plan Zheroes said, “a big part of our ethos is to give surplus food to the right places and Plan Zheroes was ideal for us as the charity is small and close to what we do”.

With the population of homeless people in London doubling since 2010, it is now more important than ever to start giving back and feeding those less fortunate.

To take part and do your bit for feeding the homeless, you can contribute to Plan Zheroes by donating surplus food or volunteering as a collection and delivery driver.

An annual event held every year; keep your eyes peeled to purchase your ticket to the Wok for 1000 in 2018.

Tickets for this year’s event cost £100+vat per person and included a hands-on cookery lessons, a meal served with drinks at the end and a goody bag; all the profits from the event went to the charity Plan Zheroes.

School of Wok holds cooking lessons and events throughout the year at the school in Convent Garden, for more information visit, https://schoolofwok.co.uk/classes