Dexam’s must-haves for the perfect Sunday Roast

Here at Dexam, we love a Sunday Roast. Celebrating the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week, cook up a mighty feast for family and friends.

A treat not to be missed, when it comes to cooking the ultimate Sunday Roast, the key is to be prepared. By stocking your kitchen with the required tools and gadgets, you can cook with confidence and spend more time catching up with family over the week’s latest activities.

Here are our top tools when cooking your Sunday Roast.


When cooking a larger than life Roast Dinner, your finished piece begins with the humble peeler.

From peeling, your spuds, carrots to parsnips, get peeling with the fantastic Dexam Lancashire Potato Peeler.

A handy tool, make light work of peeling potatoes and other vegetables and use this reliable tool with a black handle and cord for a good grip.


Another handy tool that no kitchen should be without. We recommend when cooking with meat that you use a meat thermometer for accurately checking the temperature.

Whether you are cooking lamb, beef, chicken or pork, use the Dexam Meat Thermometer. With an 11cm probe, this thermometer allows you to check the temperature while making sure that it is safe to serve.

Roasting tin

From cooking your meat to roasting your potatoes, a quality roasting tin is an essential part of the cooking process. Using the Dexam Supreme Roasting Tin, you too can create super fluffy potatoes.

Made from superior stainless steel, this roasting tin is made from the highest quality metal and comes with an anti-stick surface for easy cleaning.

When using our Supreme roasting tin, we recommend using less oil and for easy cleaning, we recommend popping into the dishwasher.

For those using their supreme roasting tin to cook meat, we advise purchasing and using the Supreme roasting rack.

Elevating the meat off the bottom of the tin, this rack allows the meat to drip, creating a natural gravy.


Cauliflower, broccoli and peas, cooking vegetables with a steamer is the healthiest method of cooking. Locking in vital vitamins and flavours, steaming vegetables is not a lengthy or time consuming task, instead taking minutes with instant delicious results.

By using the Dexam Supreme 3-tier steamer set, you can begin steaming to your hearts delight with this durable steamer set.

Made from the highest quality 18/10 steel, steam meat, fish and vegetables with this handy tool.


An essential tool not just for Sunday Roasts, but for creating a delicious dinner all week long. When purchasing a new saucepan, we recommend choosing a high-quality pan that can handle any challenge that you throw its way.

Our Supreme Saucepans are made from the highest quality stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

Efficient when it comes to using energy, when cooking your potatoes, each potato will be perfectly cooked throughout without hot spots.

Gravy Separator

This tool is designed for those cooks who enjoy nothing more than creating their own delicious gravy to serve alongside their Sunday Roast. By separating the gravy from the fat, this tool is versatile and can be used not just with gravy, but also with soups and other homemade sauces.

Allowing you to make a healthier, low fat alternative, this gravy separator has a dripless spout for clean pouring.

If you liked our suggested tools and gadgets required for creating the ultimate Roast Dinner that you can look forward to, all week long, then head over to our website for more fantastic ideas.

If you are looking for inspiration and recipes for creating your own delicious Roast, our recipe section has recipes for you to follow and attempt for yourself this Sunday.