Cast Iron Guide - Get Creative this Autumn!

Cast Iron Cookware Guide: Everything you need to know about

Chasseur, meaning ‘hunter’ in French, conjures up imagery of countryside traditions, bucolic landscapes, and winter warmer casseroles simmering on the stove at home. In this cast iron guide we explore all the things you need to know about cast iron including the history of cast iron cookware, cast iron cooking recipes and features!

The History of Cast Iron Cookware

Founded in the historic Champagne-Ardenne region of Northern France, over 75 years ago, our Chasseur foundry and their enamelled cast iron cookware is renowned for authentic quality and detailed craftsmanship. Here at Dexam we embrace the old and the new, utilising classic cookware to produce fresh and innovative recipes.

Our range of Chasseur products offer the opportunity to cook as well as bake so you can enjoy a range of our recipes in our cast iron guide, such as our Sourdough Bread, Jeremy Pang’s Stir-Fried Prawn, Edamame and Pine Nut Lettuce Wraps, as well as our irresistible Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with Cherries. An additional perk - with our Cast Iron Serving Casserole & Lid and our Chasseur Cast Iron Wok with Glass Lid, you can create these recipes in a slow and sustainable way. 

Cast Iron Baking? You must be joking - read our cast iron guide!

One of the key features of cast iron as a material, is its ability to retain heat. This is why most people associate a cast iron casserole with slow cooking, both inside and on top of the cooker. 

These long-lasting, slowing-cooking kitchen products signify both an authentic and sustainable Chasseur experience. However, it’s not only where you can use your cast iron but for what you can use it for that proves Chasseur’s versatility, lending complete creativity to your culinary endeavours. With less cookware to buy and less energy used in the kitchen, it is evident that your Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware is an invaluable tool. And this tool will allow you to exceed all your culinary expectations, enabling the creation of unexpected yet delicious dishes. So, it may come as a slight surprise to hear that your versatile Cast Iron Cookware is ideal for baking. 

Summer may be over but GBBO has just begun!

Why don’t you join in with the Great British Bake Off and their bread week by celebrating Sourdough September with us. The roundness of the serving casserole dish adds an attractive circular edge to your fresh homemade loaf, whilst the shape of the pan allows the loaf to crisp to perfection. So come on and follow our scrumptious Sourdough Bread recipe and get baking with our Cast Iron Serving Casserole dish. 

Whether you’re making a Victoria Sponge Cake or whipping up a fresh loaf of Banana Bread, you can use your Chasseur Serving Casserole dish to create desserts of all flavours. So, why not join in the fun of Bake Off with our recipe for everyone’s fruity favourite, the classic Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with Cherries?

Despite the season, this summer staple can actually be made all year round with the help of our Chasseur products. What’s more, with the characteristic quality of their double-enamelled collection their products are not only durable but easily cleaned. Residue can be removed with a stiff brush and warm water - no soap necessary! Cast iron is considered the original non-stick pan, minus the hazardous chemicals found in Teflon, making for wholesome good food. 

Cast Iron Cooking with your Homegrown Harvest Crops

This season you should be thinking about harvesting your crops and making the most of your yield in our Chasseur Cast Iron Wok. Fry the flavours of autumn by following Jeremy Pang’s recipe to creating Stir-Fried Prawn, Edamame and Pine Nut Lettuce Wraps. Throw your own garlic, red peppers, spring onions, and edamame beans into your glass-lidded wok to sizzle and steam.

You may be surprised to hear that your homegrown vegetables won’t be the only source of vitamins in the making of this dish; cast iron emits small amounts of iron into your food, giving you added nutrients. So, as long as you're not cooking high acid foods or are using a poorly sealed pan, the cast iron is safe and healthy. 

With the promise of a lifetime guarantee that offers durability, sustainability, versatility, and most importantly creativity, what’s not to like about Chasseur’s cookware? So, go on and get creative with our Chasseur cast iron guide this autumn, and for many more years to come...