Detox with tea this New Year

We have previously raved about a selection of delicious and warming tea punches to get you into the festive spirit, yet with the New Year firmly upon us, the time to detox after over indulging is now. While many will choose to join the gym paying for a membership that they will hardly use, we are recommending an easy and more enjoyable way to cleanse your body.

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Some people may debate the need to detox this January, while others may be left feeling bloated and groggy after all the leftover turkey and stuffing they have hidden away. If Christmas has left you feeling slower and heavier than normal, the time has come for a quick detox to lighten your step.

We have selected five of our top detox teas to help you beat those January blues and shake off the extra couple of pounds that you have piled on during the Christmas period. For those unsure whether they should commit to a detox, by cleansing your body and stripping it of all evil toxins, you can feel lighter and more refreshed to tackle the challenges of the New Year.

YogiTea Detox. A traditional blend of cinnamon, fennel, turmeric roots and cardamom, this spiced tea with its Indian flavours are warming and contain zero caffeine. Leaving you feeling wiser and more alert, this is a great tea to start with when the time comes to detox and allows you to connect with the healthier you within.

Flor Essence. A bitter and organic tea to sooth the stomach and your mind, made from a blend of eight natural herbs. Containing red clover, kelp, blessed thistle, slippery elm, sheep sorel, watercress, Turkish rhubarb and burdock root, this concoction is recommended to be drank before enjoying a meal for maximum health benefits. For those thinking of trying this natural detox tea but are finding it too bitter, a drop of honey should sweeten the taste.

Qi Organic Fairtrade Green Tea. A citrus flavoured tea, this tea is the ideal beverage for anyone feeling lethargic or sluggish this new year. Leaving you feeling more awake, the QI Organic will give your insides a good cleanse and keep your liver healthy with milk thistle, an important ingredient which counters organ damage.

Clipper Organic Detox Infusion. Containing Aloe Vera and hibiscus, this herbal remedy is great for lowering your cholesterol after the Christmas period and reducing those increased fat and sugar levels. Creating an exotic influence, this herbal tea will transport you back to the balmy beaches of Asia with just one sip.

Skinny Detox Good Morning. A sweet and fruity detox tea, ingredients include Yerba Mate, a south American plant that is renowned for preventing mental fatigue and more antioxidants that you can shake a stick at. If you are wanting a more enjoyable and tastier tea to sample this New Year, this is the tea for you. With its sweet, fruity and revitalising blend, this is the perfect tea to help get you up and out of bed this grey January.

If you are wanting to get into shape this January, detoxing is a great way to start and revive your inner health. With a huge range of gorgeous teapots, why not make a large fresh pot to share with the friends this New Year.

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