Cooking hacks that everyone should know…

Change your cooking approach and the way you prepare and store ingredients forever. By following and using these simple cooking hack tools in your kitchen, you can reduce the amount of food that you waste while reducing the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen cooking.

Freeze and store herbs

Often found limp or in a pool of water at the back of the fridge, freeze and store your herbs. When wanting to add herbs to your dinner, remove the herb grinder from the freezer, allowing to defrost before adding to your dish. The perfect cooking hack for flavour in every meal!

poached eggs cooking hack

Perfect poached eggs

Cooking hack must-have for any egg lover. Fancy poached eggs for breakfast? Use the Dexam’s Poacher for professionally poached eggs every time.

Shell free eggs

Just made freshly boiled eggs? If you are finding it difficult to remove all the shell use our handy cooking hack! By placing the boiled eggs into the fridge for a few minutes, the shells of the egg can be easier to remove, while those wanting warm boiled eggs for breakfast should use the Dexam stainless steel shell remover.

Apple fresh

There is nothing quite like freshly baked biscuits, helping to create the perfect end to a long, proactive day! But, keep those biscuits from going stale with our inventive cooking hack. When storing your freshly baked biscuits, add a slice of apple into the container, this can add freshness to your baking, keeping them fresh and moist for the days to come.

Revive stale bread

Your freshly baked bread has gone stale through days of sitting in the bread bin, but for those wanting to enjoy their homemade bread once again, there is a cooking hack way! By running water over the stale bread and by placing into the oven for 5-10 minutes, you can make your bread crunchy and fresh once again!

balloon cooking hack

Balloon baking

Love chocolate and are thinking of creating some homemade chocolate shells to decorate with, use the cooking hack balloon trick. By smoothing your tempered chocolate over the side of your balloon, you can create a smooth shell, perfect for enjoying, or turning into a homemade Easter egg.

Mess free pancakes

For those who want exciting, yummy and mess free pancakes, this cooking hack is essential. By making your batter mix and transferring into a disposable icing bag, you can store your mixture inside the bag before squeezing onto your pan to create fun shaped pancakes.

Reusable storage

Packing your lunch for work but are unsure what to pack it in? Instead of wasting money unnecessarily on plastic containers, use a reusable glass container - the eco-friendly cooking hack. A perfect sized meal, by layering your salad, you can store your lunch, before giving it a quick shake and away you go!

Get creative with cookie cutters

Not just for making festive cookies and biscuits, your cookie cutters can also spice up your morning breakfast. Using the icing bag trick from earlier, squeeze your pancake mix into your cookie cutter for fun shaped pancakes, bringing a smile to your face! It is not just pancakes that can be created with the same method, but also fried eggs. Get experimental with your cookie cutters and see what other cooking hacks you can create!

Tong the lemon

Unable to find your favourite lemon squeezer, then do not fear. With a pair of sturdy, tough tongs, you can squeeze most of the lemon juice from your fruit, allowing you to enjoy a fresh lemon juice whenever the mood strikes.

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