Cook up your own Chinese Takeaway

tofu prawn

Chinese New Year is quickly approaching and what better way is there to celebrate than gathering your family and friends together and cooking up a delicious Chinese Takeaway.

At Dexam, we believe in the importance of healthy and delicious food. While we are in no way wanting to discourage you from ordering yourself a takeaway from your favourite Chinese restaurant, there is something quite magical about cooking up your dinner all by yourself and from scratch.

Along with the satisfaction that you are enjoying a meal created by your bare two hands, you can be confident in the amount of ingredients that you have added to your dishes. For those who are on a health kick and who are taking extra precautions on what they are eating, they can enjoy the benefits of eating a meal that they know exactly how much salt and sugar has gone into it.

If spending a day cooking up some tasty dishes sounds like your idea of fun or perhaps you are wanting to improve your level of cooking skills, we have put together our version on the ultimate Chinese takeaway. Including all things naughty and nice, this Chinese takeaway can allow you to treat yourself while knowing that you haven’t overindulged this Chinese New Year.



We recommend for your takeaway starting everyone off with the pork wontons, duck spring rolls and tofu rolls with prawn. The pork wontons are a favourite of ours at Dexam and a dish that we had the opportunity to create at the event, Wok for 1000 held in Covent Garden by School of Wok. The tofu rolls with prawns is a popular dish in the office at the moment, particularly with many people choosing to take extra care of their health and going on a New Year diet. The tofu rolls allow you to indulge without feeling guilty.


 We recommend for those wanting to hold a big dinner party to cook up some Chinese dough called bao. A predicted food trend, bao dough is ideal for soaking up delicious juices or for stuffing with your sweet and sour pork.

Sharing plates.

For the main, we have compiled a list of yummy dishes that you can place into the centre of the table and allow everyone to tuck into. We have chosen the stir-fried chicken, classic sweet and sour pork, black pepper glazed short rib bao, pork chops and the pièce de résistance, duck wraps.

duck wraps

Whether you have chosen to cook up or order in your Chinese takeaway, no meal would be complete with duck wraps. Served with hoisin sauce and cucumber pickle, sprinkle on some spring onion and cucumber and you have a dish of dreams.

With such a large range of dishes to serve to your guests, you can choose which ones they would prefer or treat them to all of it and spoil them rotten.

We have chosen these recipes due to their popularity when ordered at a Chinese restaurant and their diversity in cooking skills needed to create the dish.

When cooking, there is always a special feeling that along with creating a delicious dish, you have mastered a new skill and tackled a challenge that seemed quite daunting at first.

If you like the sound of our Chinese Takeaway and want to get cooking these delicious recipes at home and more, all our recipes have been taken from Jeremy Pang’s Hong Kong Diner.