Coffee 101- Understand your coffee

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With the popularity of coffee increasing every day, do you know the true definition of each type of coffee? Often too embarrassed to ask, many of us are unsure of the difference between a flat white and a latte. To shy to ask, let alone pluck up the guts to order a macchiato, worried about what will be received!

Dexam is here to remove any worry and uncertainty that you may have when it comes to ordering coffee. We are teaching you the difference between each cup, giving you a 101 guide to improve your coffee experience. We want to help you to make your next trip to your local coffee shop more enjoyable and give you a boost of confidence that even an espresso cannot create.


Made using a coffee machine, an espresso can be consumed in different ways. Coming plain and ‘black’ you can order a simple espresso either as a single or as a double which comes with 2 shots.


Similar to an espresso, a macchiato is in short an espresso with a dollop of hot milk placed on top to dilute the intensity of the coffee. Like when ordering the espresso, you can order either a short or a long macchiato, the long being with two shots of coffee instead of the one that is found in the short.


Again, another style of espresso, a ristretto is an espresso shot that is made with a shot of coffee but with half the amount of water that you would use when making the espresso shot. By using less water to make the shot, a ristretto is therefore stronger and more intense than the espresso and comes in a darker colour.


Many people order an Americano and find themselves a little shocked when it arrives without milk. For those that are unaware, an americano is basically a black coffee, many fancy baristas will explain in detail that an americano is a mug of hot water with the espresso then placed on the top.


A Latte is the short term for a café latter and is made with a shot of espresso and steamed milk and micro foam added on top of the coffee. A sweet coffee alternative, the milk dilutes the intensity of the coffee and makes for a more enjoyable drink.

Flat White

When you are new to the coffee world, the difference between the latte and the flat white seems minuscule, but in truth there is a big difference between these two milk based drinks. Made with the same milk that you would use in a cappuccino, when you pour the milk onto the shot of coffee, be sure to keep the froth in the milk jug pouring only a small amount at the end when the cup is full. By holding back on most of the froth, you can create a smooth and velvety texture while keeping the coffee smooth.


A cappuccino is a popular choice of drink and can be categorised by many for the frothiness of the milk and the chocolate sprinkled on top of the drink. When making a cappuccino, the milk needs to be smoothed out and frothed at the same time to create the frothy milk we associate with the cappuccino.


A mocha is half cappuccino and have hot chocolate, made in the same way that you would make a cappuccino, but with a spoonful of chocolate powder added and stirred to the drink before adding the milk.

No matter how you prefer your cup of coffee or where you go to enjoy a freshly ground espresso, when it comes to enjoying the coffee of your choice in the comfort of your own home, take a look at our Dexam Vintage range. Helping to make drinking coffee trendy and stylish, the Vintage range also features a traditional style Turkish Coffee Pot to help you make super strong coffee at home. Whether you prefer to stay in with your coffee machine or go to your local coffee shop, make sure that you have a pleasant and stress-free coffee experience.Coffee beans