Chichester District Foodbank

Chichester District Foodbank provides three-day food parcels for individuals and families who find themselves in cChichester-Food-Bankrisis and since we started in September 2012 we have provided over 4000 food parcels which have fed 9351 people. We work with 130 front line agencies that hold our vouchers and refer people they know are in need. Clients then come to one of our four foodbank centres (Chichester, Selsey, Petworth and Midhurst) and exchange their voucher for a food parcel.  When people come to us they are provided with a drink, a piece of cake and a safe place to chat as we believe it is so important to take time to listen and signpost clients to other organisations for further support.

We are so grateful to the Dexam Trust who is supporting us to run our new initiative to feed children who rely on free school meals due to low income in term time, but have no provision in the holidays. In conjunction with local schools, children are identified and their families receive a special voucher so they can come and pick up a food parcel to cover a fortnight of lunches (3 in the summer). At the time of writing we have already given out over 200 packs. We rely solely on the generosity of the local community so if you would like to support our work please check our website to see how you can donate food or organise a fundraiser.