• The joy of Blackberry and Apple Crumble

    “Where we come from, the South Downs National Park, it can get pretty competitive in the hedgerows round this time of year. The first blackberries are at their best towards the end of August, and everyone wants to get in on the action. Even my mother’s old dog would hoover up the ripe fruit from the bottom of each bush, as she plodded her way round her morning walk. According to tradition, yo ...

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  • The benefits of cooking with Chasseur Cast Iron cookware

    If you haven’t been seduced by Chasseur Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware yet, then be prepared to be persuaded. The word Chasseur means ‘hunter’ in French, which immediately conjures up images of frosty stubble fields, and autumnal and winter warming casseroles; yet Chasseur is much more than this. Founded in the historic Champagne-Ardenne region of Northern France over 75 years ago in the rol ...

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  • The origins of Chasseur cast iron

    Chasseur cast iron cookware is made at a foundry in the Ardennes region of north-east France. The department of Ardennes on the river Meuse is a beautiful rural area on the border of France and Belgium, with an extensive National Park of dense forests and mountains with steep-sided river valleys. Travelling through the pastoral landscape it is hard to believe this area hides a turbulent history ...

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