• Give a gift of a lifetime, Chasseur cast iron

    With the merry season of Christmas comes the dreaded task of thinking up what new and unique gift ideas the recipient is going to enjoy? Wanting to give them something unique that they are going to love and use time and time again; thinking outside of the box is a must for coming up with some truly special ideas. While some people like to go all out and buy a humorous if not sentimental gift, ...

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  • One Pan Christmas Dinner with Chasseur

    The One Pan Christmas Dinner Guide From Dexam The trend of one pan cooking has been on the rise and celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver are forever shouting their praises about this new style of cooking. The popularity behind one pan cooking is high, not only because of the reduced amount of washing up that is accumulated at the end but also due to the intense flavours that are generated. Whe ...

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  • Have a slow cooked Christmas

    Winter is a fantastic time for many. No matter whether you love or loathe the chill there is something magical about wrapping yourself up and stepping out into the cold, battling against the wind in search of Christmas gifts for loved ones. One aspect we love most about the winter season, along with the opportunity to gorge on hot chocolate and mountains of marshmallows, is the increase of slow c ...

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  • Cooking your Christmas pudding with cast iron

    An annual event; preparing your family’s Christmas pudding takes place on the last Sunday before advent and is the time for those who enjoy this tradition to get their hands dirty and make this iconic pudding. A true symbol of Christmas, the Christmas pudding is one of few puddings that can cause disruption and chaos to the aisles of many supermarkets nationwide. When it comes to making your ...

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  • One Pan Cooking with your French cast iron cookware

    It’s Sunday morning and as you force yourself out from under the warm, comfort of your haven, the duvet, there is only one thing on your mind. No matter if you are one who prefers to treat themselves during the week or you wait until Sunday morning to spoil yourself; for much of the nation Sunday equals a full English breakfast and a one pan cooking. There are some people out there who prefer ...

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  • Making the perfect pancake has just got easier

    For some families, making pancakes is an annual tradition that takes place every year on Pancake day. If, however your family is like ours, making a pancake is a weekly ritual where we experiment, adding different fillings to create a memorable, mouth-watering treat. Making the mixture can seem like hard work, discovering that you are missing some vital ingredient half way through whisking th ...

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  • Treat yourself to a quality Chasseur fondue set

      Whether fondue for you means cheese or chocolate; there is so many unknown uses that your fondue pot holds. Let us enlighten you on the many wonders of owning a fondue set and persuade you to make your next purchase be a Chasseur fondue pot. Fondue. No matter if you prefer to dip strawberries into a warm chocolate sauce or bread into creamy cheese, using your set for its original funct ...

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  • Add some spice when cooking a Moroccan tagine

    Nothing says festive winter dishes more to us than adding almonds and cinnamon to a slow cooked chicken leg served alongside prunes and apricots. Gaining reputation and popularity in the UK, cooking with a tagine has become more renowned and more widespread. Originating from the North African country of Morocco, tagines have always typically been made from clay.  Traditionally made from clay th ...

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  • More than just casseroles with cast iron cookware

    Your Chasseur cast iron cookware is an invaluable tool, a tool that allows you to exceed all your culinary expectations and create deliciously tasty meals. When thinking of using your cast iron to cook for the family, images of hearty stews often spring to mind, but did you know that your cast iron pans makes more than just a scrumptious casseroles? Whether you are the proud owner of a Chasseur ...

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  • Why Cast Iron is Making a Comeback

    You may have noticed that cast iron is everywhere at the moment and for all the right reasons. The Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron From casserole dishes to square steak pans and cast iron frying pans, with the use of cast iron cooking ware, you can cook everything from your Sunday casserole to a crumble and pancake. With no limitations when it comes to cooking, investing in your next Chasse ...

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