• Get Creative this Autumn with our Cast Iron Guide!

    Chasseur, meaning ‘hunter’ in French, conjures up imagery of countryside traditions, bucolic landscapes, and winter warmer casseroles simmering on the stove at home. In this Cast Iron Guide we explore all the things you need to know about cast iron including the history of cast iron cookware, cast iron cooking recipes and features! The History of Cast Iron Cookware Founded in the historic ...

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  • How to use a griddle pan perfectly every time

    Become a master in how to use a griddle pan with Dexam We all know how fantastic outdoor cooking can be, and nothing quite beats the taste of grilled meat, fish, or vegetables on a BBQ. However, let’s face it, the British weather can be at best unpredictable, at worst pretty much disastrous. So instead of huddling under a raincoat trying desperately to light those charcoals, instead why not inv ...

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  • Dexam’s must-haves for the perfect Sunday Roast

    Here at Dexam, we love a Sunday Roast. Celebrating the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week, cook up a mighty feast for family and friends. A treat not to be missed, when it comes to cooking the ultimate Sunday Roast, the key is to be prepared. By stocking your kitchen with the required tools and gadgets, you can cook with confidence and spend more time catching up with family ove ...

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  • How to hold your own Fondue party

    Remember fondue? A once favourite pastime for friends, nothing says winter that gathering all your nearest and dearest before getting cosy in front of a large pot of melted cheese with a bottle of wine or two. A memory of simpler times, 2018 saw the rise in sales of fondue sets, with diners wanting to replicate those enjoyable, lazy evenings with friends and good food. With all things retro back ...

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  • Cleaning Chasseur Cast Iron

    A valuable, versatile dish in the kitchen, many cooks may sense a feeling of dread when it comes to first cleaning their new Chasseur cast iron dish. But, cleaning cast iron does not have to be a daunting task! Dexam's How To Clean Cast Iron Guide Large and durable, cleaning your new Chasseur cast iron dish is much easier than you once thought. Famous for its versatility, durability and performan ...

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  • Add some heat to your New Year with Chasseur

    2018 if fully upon us and with the Year of the Dog quickly approaching, why not promise to be more courageous and daring this New Year. The New Year is the one time of year when venturing outside the house without layers opf clothing seems improbable, so why not heat up 2018 by being adventurous and adding some spice to your cooking. Using trusty cast iron cookware like our Chasseur range, you ...

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  • Give a gift of a lifetime, Chasseur cast iron

    With the merry season of Christmas comes the dreaded task of thinking up what new and unique gift ideas the recipient is going to enjoy? Wanting to give them something unique that they are going to love and use time and time again; thinking outside of the box is a must for coming up with some truly special ideas. While some people like to go all out and buy a humorous if not sentimental gift, ...

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  • One Pan Christmas Dinner with Chasseur

    The One Pan Christmas Dinner Guide From Dexam The trend of one pan cooking has been on the rise and celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver are forever shouting their praises about this new style of cooking. The popularity behind one pan cooking is high, not only because of the reduced amount of washing up that is accumulated at the end but also due to the intense flavours that are generated. Whe ...

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  • Have a slow cooked Christmas

    Winter is a fantastic time for many. No matter whether you love or loathe the chill there is something magical about wrapping yourself up and stepping out into the cold, battling against the wind in search of Christmas gifts for loved ones. One aspect we love most about the winter season, along with the opportunity to gorge on hot chocolate and mountains of marshmallows, is the increase of slow c ...

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  • Cooking your Christmas pudding with cast iron

    An annual event; preparing your family’s Christmas pudding takes place on the last Sunday before advent and is the time for those who enjoy this tradition to get their hands dirty and make this iconic pudding. A true symbol of Christmas, the Christmas pudding is one of few puddings that can cause disruption and chaos to the aisles of many supermarkets nationwide. When it comes to making your ...

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