British Pie Week

It’s that time of year again, British Pie Week is back!

What is British Pie Week I heard you ask? In summary it’s a weeklong celebration, celebrating all things to do with this beloved British dish.

During the cold month of March with spring only around the corner, there is something quite nice about tucking into a meaty freshly cooked pie. Being celebrated during British Pie Week is not just the nations love of the savoury, meaty pie that we love, but also we simply cannot forget the dessert pie either.

apple pie

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you have just finished eating a large roast with Yorkshire puddings and loads of vegetables and gravy. Instead of lying down and waiting for some space to develop in your overfull stomach, you manage to squeeze a few more mouthfuls in of your favourite pudding.

Nothing quite beats a warm apple pie served with either vanilla ice cream or custard. But for some apple pie just doesn’t quite hit the mark, instead choosing to raid the freezer and create a mixed berry pie made with all the fruit from the last seasons harvest.

Originally started in 2007 as a marketing campaign by Jus-Rol, the event has dramatically transformed over recent years into a celebration of all things to do with pie.

The weeklong celebration aims to get people to embrace their love of this pastry filled dish and if they are stubborn and stuck in their ways, to get experimental, trying and sampling a range of different flavours.

It may not feel that we are a nation of pie lovers, but in fact the love of all things pastry goes hidden, dark in the shadows.

Jus-Rol, the leading supply of pre-made pastry has found through research that over 75% of the nation enjoy a pie at least once a month and this true dedication of the pie can be seen in the popularity of British Pie Week.

If you are getting excited about the approaching British Pie Week and are wanting to show your appreciation to this pastry filled dish but are wondering how you can get involved, here’s how....

There are many different options that you can take. You can either buy yourself a pie and enjoy it with family and close friends, make your own pie, experimenting with flavour and trying out those ingredients that you have always dreamed of putting together, or you can visit a local restaurant and pay for the luxury of eating out.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this wonderful week, we have a selection of delicious sweet and savoury pies for you to cook up for the family this British Pie Week.

With a hearty steak and ale pie, a healthy chicken, mushroom and kale pie to the sweet alternative of foraged forest fruit crumble made with last season’s harvest.Chicken and kale pie

No matter your preference of pie or the stuffing that you choose, be sure to have a tasty British Pie Week.

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