Be healthier this summer and save money with Dexam's eco friendly products!

We all know that summer is the time that many people decide to get in shape. People turn over a new leaf, and become a happier, healthier version of themselves. With our eco friendly products, we make that a little easier!

However, being healthy isn't just about ditching crisps and chocolate for smoothies and salads. It's also about being more considerate to the way we live and taking steps, however small, to do so more thoughtfully and consciously.

Here at Dexam, we are committed to making changes to the way we operate our business and the products we offer. This is in order to promote genuinely useful alternatives to throw away or single-use items, offering a range of eco-friendly products.

Buying reusable, eco friendly products not only means that you are doing more to reduce your footprint and live in a more sustainable way. In many cases, you are actually choosing products that are healthier for you as an individual, and are more economical too!

6 eco friendly alternatives to change your lifestyle

With that in mind, we are delighted to introduce you to some of our most popular reusable environmentally friendly products. They can help you change the way you live, save money and start a healthier lifestyle!

1. BamBroo Coffee Cups and Mugs

We love our range of stylish, colourful Bambroo cups and mugs. Perfect for those who are always on the go, you can take your caffeine fix with you wherever you are heading next. Most coffee shops will happily make your coffee in a cup you provide too. You can really reduce the number of disposable cups and plastic lids you are throwing away - it's a win-win! With our Bambroo Coffee Cups and Mugs it is easy to ditch the single use plastic!

2. Paper Straws

There have been some big campaigns against plastic straws lately. We agree that paper alternatives are just as effective and are much kinder to the environment too. Better still, take a look at our eco friendly stainless steel straws.  They can be used time and time again - no waste necessary!

3. Bees Wax Food Wraps

While it's important to keep food fresh for as long as possible so as not to waste it, many people don't realise that there is an alternative to wrapping things in cling film to store them. Our beeswax food wraps are a wonderfully effective option. They can be used to wrap a variety of foods from sandwiches to leftover meats and cheeses. Also a good option to take food on the go - a fantastic, eco friendly product!

4. Silicone Lids 

Our bright and cheerful silicone lids come in several different styles and create an airtight seal around your drinks and food, keeping them fresher for longer! They work on stainless steel, glass, plastic or ceramic glasses. The fun styles such as daisy flowers, lily's or kiwi pads brighten up your home at the same time.

5. Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Get your 5 a day with the fruit and vegetable bags! Our reusable fruit and vegetable bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic bags and will store fruit and veg all in one hand place. You can use them to store your food in the kitchen and take them to the supermarket too! These bags are perfect to store and keep all veggies and salads fresher, for longer.

6. Food Storage Solutions

We also stock a number of food storage solutions which make great alternatives to wasteful plastic food bags. These containers can be washed and used repeatedly to keep food fresh. Either use them in the fridge or store it for a later date in the freezer, it makes a great money saving buy!


Eco Friendly Products For This Summer

So, now that the sun is shining, and everything seems a little brighter, why not make this summer about being healthier in all aspects of your life? Eat delicious seasonal food and enjoy the great outdoors. And do your bit for the environment by switching to reusable products that help to reduce waste and keep our beautiful planet going strong!