Banish the chill with our selection of tea cocktails

For tea drinkers across the country, the idea of adding alcohol to your brew seems like the ultimate sin.

If like us you are looking for a little buzz and wanting to combine your favourite tipple with your true love, a mug of hot breakfast tea, here’s how you can be adventurous without ruining a national past-time.

alcholic teas

Whether you enjoy your tea black, like it milky with a sugar or prefer it green, we have some exciting alcohol recipes to get you excited to start infusing.

The Hot Toddy. This is without a doubt that most famous of hot tea cocktails and can be created with black or green teas.

By blending honey and lemon, you create an equally sweet and sour note before combining the alcohol.

There is no limit to which beverage you can add to your tea, whiskey, rum and bourbon are the traditional liquors, but why not experiment and add either gin or vodka and see how the flavours complement each other.

The Hot Punch. With the tea of your choice, you can create many heavy and aromatic flavours when combining rum or red wine to the brew in winter or cranberry juice and apple cider for a fruitier note in spring. For tea drinkers who are wanting a non-alcoholic beverage, you can substitute wine with grape juice and non-alcoholic cider. When creating a non-alcoholic tea punch, be sure to add brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves for a deeper more intense flavour.

Chai punch. For those who prefer to drink a mug of hot chai tea, by adding either Baileys or Kahlua, you can create a smooth and milky texture that accompanies it so perfectly.

Blueberry tea

Our favourite- Blueberry Tea.

One of the most simplest tea cocktails to make, the blueberry tea punch surprisingly features no berries, instead the delicious Ceylon orange pekoe tea.

The flavours from the freshly brewed tea, amaretto liqueur and Grand Marnier Orange liqueur creates flavours that remind us of our favourite berries freshly picked during the harvesting season.


21ml Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur

21ml amaretto liqueur

1 mug of freshly brewed orange pekoe tea



  • In a preheated mug  or brandy snifter pour in the Grand Marnier Liqueur and amaretto. To preheat your glass, fill the mug with hot water, pouring away once the mug has been warmed.
  • In your glass pour two-thirds of the way to the top with the freshly brewed orange pekoe tea.
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly together.
  • Garnish your drink with a decorative orange wheel and you are ready to serve.

If you are thinking of inviting all your friends over and serving up these delicious and easy to make cocktails, using a teapot is recommended when making more than one mug of punch. At Dexam we have a large range of teapots all ideal for hosting a social gathering this winter.