Get ready for Bake Off with these baking essentials

The approach to Bake Off is upon us and with a few short weeks left to go, don’t get caught out last minute and prepare your kitchen with all the correct baking essential tools.

By stocking up with the highest quality pans, mixing bowls and baking essentials, you can improve and bake alongside this year’s contestants. Whether you have baked a masterpiece or created a mess, get excited and participate in this years’ Bake Off from the comfort of your own home. Need a judge to critique your creations? I am sure you can rustle up a few family members and friends willing to sample your baking alongside a hot cup of tea…

Mixing Bowls

Whether you are baking bread or mixing up a Victoria sponge, a high-quality mixing bowl is an important baking essential. Made from Stainless Steel, our mixing bowls come in a range of sizes and are vital for any household that loves to bake. Unsure what size to choose, we have the ultimate bundle featuring all sizes for an incredible price.

Kitchen Scales

Retro in design, these fab kitchen scales are a baking essential for all cake adventures. Baking is a skill, with precise measurements required for the most delicious creations. When baking whether on your own or with the family, use these fun kitchen scales from Dexam. In a range of colours, choose a shade suited to the colour scheme of your home.

baking essential scales

Flexible Bowl Scraper

When mixing up a delicious batter, make sure to scrap every ounce of batter from the mixing bowl into your cake pan. With the flexible cake scraper, you can do just that. This scraper is able to move around the bowl, getting into every corner of the bowl that before was once impossible.

Silicone Spatula

A must have baking essential for all cooking activities, a spatula is ideal for handling the heat and stirring up some fluffy scones to enjoy on a Sunday morning. At Dexam our range is diverse and whether you want to add some character and boldness to your cooking with the animal spatulas or add some playfulness in the kitchen with the Scion range, we have a spatula for you!

Classic British Biscuit Cutters

It’s biscuit week and when thinking about which type to bake for the family, stick to the British classics with this fun set. From Bourbons, Custard Cream to iced rings and jam treats, get the family excited and get baking up a yummy treat.

Tea towels

Perfect for handling either hot trays or for when washing up, our Scion Mr Fox Tea Towels as featured on Lorraine are ideal for adding some charm and character to your home. Fun in design, these tea towels are perfect for those who like to look their best when baking.

deluxe icing set the baking essential

Icing Set

Mastering the skill of icing is a must for any trainee baker and with this 32-piece Deluxe Bakers Icing Set, you will be set with all the required material needed to get decorating. From cupcakes to large cakes to celebrate a grand occasion, join the contestants and get your hands dirty with this icing set.

Cooling Rack

After you have cooked your cake and you are waiting for it to cool before decorating, there is only one way that you can allow your cake to cool and that is with a cooling rack! Perfect for small and delicate items, the cooling rack with its wired mesh bottom allows the air to circulate and the bottom of the cakes to not turn soggy.

Non-stick baking tray

A high-quality baking tray is a baking essential must for all bakers! Made from PFOA free plastic and with a natural non-stick coating, you can cook a range of delicious treats with this essential baking pan.

Non-stick Round Cake Pan

Planning on cooking a cake or freestyling, creating a layered masterpiece for your friends to judge? With the non-stick round cake pan from Dexam, the options are endless on the creations that you can bake. Don’t be boring, instead be bold and try something new with your pan.

aprons are a baking essential


Baking can be a messy task and wearing a fun apron that expresses your personality is important. Whether you opt for the vibrant Marrakesh apron or go cute with the Scion range, Dexam has an apron suited to all styles and personalities.

With these baking essential accessories, you can get baking up a sweet treat and challenge yourself throughout The Great British Bake Off. By giving yourself a new challenge each week, you can master and improve your skills while making an excuse to gather loved ones and get them to judge your baked creations over a cup of tea.

Be Bake Off ready with the help of Dexam and add some sweetness into your life.