Avoid the latte levy with the reusable Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug stainless steelThe latte levy is a new levy being considered by the government to be placed onto every takeaway coffee cup in the UK in an attempt to reduce the amount that is thrown away.

By placing a 25p levy onto every takeaway coffee cup that is sold, ministers are hoping that along with persuading customers to consider cheaper more greener options, manufacturers of plastic disposable coffee cups will consider ways to make them more recyclable.

Why is this levy being considered now? Research has discovered than on average the UK throws away over 2.5 billion paper coffee cups every year and that only 1% of the 2.5 billion are recycled.

As a nation of coffee lovers, this is a huge amount of waste produced from our daily ritual that ends up filling landfills around the country.

The Environmental Audit Committee has called on the government to introduce a levy in the same way that they added a 5p charge for plastic bags. By adding an extra 25p to a cup of coffee, it is hoped that customers and companies will start to think of their actions and take responsibility on the environmental damage they have caused.

What will happen with the 25p raised through the levy? It is planned that the money raised will go to improving the binfrastructure in the UK and improve recycling points across the country.

One issue with the proposed latte levy that the government is worried about, is that although the price will increase, the mindset of coffee customers will not change. Choosing to pay the extra 25p yet continuing to throw their cup into the waste bin.

To try to change the mindset of customers, many coffee shops are offering a discount to those who bring a reusable coffee mug for their takeaway coffee. Such shops include the chain Pret A Manger who are offering a discount of 50p.

If you want to avoid the 25p latte levy, by purchasing yourself a reusable coffee mug, you could save yourself £60 over the course of a year.

Let’s say that you purchase yourself a coffee every morning on your way to work.

0.25p x 5 days =£1.25

£1.25 x 4 weeks in a month =£5

£5 x 12 months in a year = £60

That comes to a shocking £60 added to your coffee bill, making your morning ritual an expensive habit.

The Mighty Mug is the perfect reusable mug for all your coffee needs. Whether you are sitting on the train on your morning commute to work or sitting at your computer at home, the Mighty Mug is famous for its unbelievable qualities.

Designed using Smartgrip technology, the Mighty Mug has been designed to grip onto any smooth, flat surface, making the Mighty Mug un-spillable and safe to be used around your expensive laptop or invaluable work documents.

Make a change today, save money and have a positive effect on the environment by purchasing yourself a Mighty Mug.

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