All The BBQ Essentials You Need From Dexam

Even though the weather has been somewhat changeable lately, there is still plenty of British summertime left ready for you to make use of your bbq essentials kit! There is nothing that we Brits love more than a good old summer barbecue, come rain or shine!

At Dexam we want to make sure that you have all the bbq essentials including tools, gadgets, and equipment you need to ensure that if you are planning a barbecue, it’s going to be a memorable one. From outdoor cooking utensils to containers for storing any delicious leftovers, we have got you covered. So whether your barbecue is a scorcher or a bit of a washout, your spirits won’t be dampened, and you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that you are fully prepared to serve a delicious meal, whatever the weather on a summer day.

Here is Dexam’s BBQ essentials kit...

BBQ essentials kit

Our BBQ essentials kit has got you covered with all the necessities to enjoy the delights of cooking alfresco. Included in the package is a top-quality and great looking denim apron to keep you looking the part and protecting your clothes at the same time. A matching denim gauntlet is also part of the kit which will protect your hands when handling hot plates or utensils near the flames. Finally, an excellent burger press will ensure your homemade burgers come out perfectly every time. 

Food Tongs

You won’t get very far with your barbecue without a pair of handy, durable tongs to keep turning that meat until it is cooked to perfection. Tongs are a definite BBQ essential, making it easy to transport meat to and from the heat. Using tongs will also ensure you get a good grip without burning your hands and minimising the risk of your food falling through the grate - a tragedy no seasoned BBQ-er should ever have to bear. 

Cooking Thermometers

No one wants to indulge in the joys of a BBQ only to end up with a funny tummy later on. Making sure that all your meats are cooked through and through will avoid any nasty upsets, so investing in a cooking thermometer which can check the temp of your steaks, burgers, chicken just makes good sense. 

Mixing bowls

Making a delicious marinade to slather over some fish or meat can be what turns an average BBQ into one that people talk of for years to come! Make sure you are fully stocked with top quality mixing bowls to prepare such culinary delights, and you are sure to wow your family and friends with the results.

Food Storage Containers

Of course, if your eyes were too big for your bellies and there are lots of leftovers after your BBQ, never fear. Our range of excellent Tritan canister’s can ensure that your food will stay fresher for longer and therefore you can enjoy some delicious suppers and lunches for a few days to come. Take a look at our range of air-tight plastic containers as well as our beautifully designed and environmentally friendly beeswax wraps.

So there you have it, by being prepared and buying all your bbq essentials from Dexam, when the sun makes its next appearance, you’ll be ready to light up that barbecue and cook up a storm.