Alcoholic coffees to wake you up this winter

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You may not want to hear it but coffee drinkers are beginning to overtake the number of people who prefer to enjoy a hot mug of fresh brewed tea.

A growing trend shown in the increasing emergence of coffee shops setting up in towns and cities nationwide; Britain is slowly becoming a country run by the coffee culture.

For those who brand themselves coffee connoisseurs and are wanting to try something new with their beloved brew of choice, why not spice your mug with a splash of something strong?

With coffee cocktails increasing in popularity and with many different recipes for you to try at home, here are our top choices on infusing your cup of coffee.

Mexican Coffee. Transporting you to the land of palm trees and mariachi bands playing in town squares.

You will need a cup of fresh coffee, ¾ shots of Kahlua, ¾ shots of Tequila before garnishing with whipped cream.

Bavarian Coffee. Ideal for those who prefer their beverage black and like their chocolate bitter.

In an Irish coffee cup, add the hot coffee, 14ml peppermint schnapps, 14ml Kahlua coffee liqueur, 1 teaspoon of sugar before floating a layer of coffee on top and sprinkling with grated dark chocolate.

Amaretto Coffee. Perfect for those who love a nutty texture and flavour. With a cup of hot coffee, add 1 ½ shots of Amaretto liqueur before lightly adding whipped cream on top and garnishing with some toasted sliced almonds.

The Winter Warmer. If there are any coffee punches that are sure to warm you up this winter, the Winter Warmer is your best bet. More of a cocktail than a punch, we feel confident that after one try you will be hooked on this festive delight.

Made with a cup of hot coffee, add 7ml of Tia Maria, 7ml of Baileys, 7ml of Grand Marnier and 7ml of Frangelico an Italian liquor, along with 7ml dark crème de cacao. No matter how cold the weather outside is, this Winter Warmer is the perfect way to warm up.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Coffee. For coffee drinkers who are wanting something less pungent and in your face, this chocolate and hazelnut coffee is perfect for those wanting a creamy and thick coffee to get stuck into.

With a freshly brewed cup of coffee, add 1 shot of chocolate liqueur and 1 shot of hazelnut liqueur, finishing with the optional ingredients of whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Cafe Brulot

Our favourite- Café Brulot

This coffee punch is perfect for winter and getting into the festive feeling.

Laced with cinnamon sticks and orange peel, this is the sort of hot cocktail ideal for chilly nights out carolling with the family.

To make this delicious and warming drink you will need:

1 large cup of strong coffee

1 cinnamon stick

4 sugar cubes

4 whole cloves

57ml of Cognac

½ peel of orange

2 tablespoons of Grand Marnier or orange liqueur

½ peel of lemon



-Stir in the cognac and liqueur.

-Taking the saucepan off the heat, with a long match lit the liquor.

-Wait until the flames have been extinguished before stirring in the coffee.

-Pour the mixture into 2 small punch cups or into a mug.

If you would like to get experimental with your coffee this winter, we have a range of products that will do the job, helping you to prepare your brew, however you like it.    small