A stress free Christmas: Christmas kitchen essentials checklist

The festive season is fast approaching yet for many the holiday marks an annual period of stress when contemplating the copious amount of cooking that lies ahead. However, Dexam are here to help you feed the whole family and with this checklist for the ultimate Christmas kitchen essentials you’re already on the way to enjoying a stress free Christmas!

How to have a relaxing holiday with our Christmas Kitchen Essentials 

Dexam have you covered this holiday with our ultimate Christmas kitchen essentials that will ease your roasting as well as baking efforts and guarantee irresistible results for all the family to enjoy this festive season!

How to Cook the Best Christmas Roast

For a classic Christmas centrepiece, Dexam’s roasting utensils are the ultimate Christmas kitchen essentials for the festive period. Cooking a roast turkey for the whole family will require a large Roasting Tin. As the turkey will be a significant size and weight, 5-6kg will serve 8 people, a roasting tin, such as the Dexam Supreme Oven Roasting Tin, with a depth that will allow for the size of the joint as well as for all of its juices is ideal. Keep tabs on the temperature of the meal with our meat thermometer and probe, whilst it will depend on your preference as to whether you choose to add certain herbs and vegetables, such as lemon and garlic, or shallots, thyme and bay, to the roasting tin which will infuse your roast with complementary flavours. These ingredients will all contribute to the joint’s juices, collecting at the bottom of the tin, which will later make delicious gravy when transferred from the tin to our Gravy Separator. This separator is ideal for creating healthier gravy, by separating the remainder of the sauce from the fat. As the gravy is poured out through the drip free spout, the fat remains inside the gravy separator, forming a layer at the bottom, and leaving you with delicious results every time. And finally, with our Forest and Forge Carving Set, it’s time to slice and serve up the best Christmas Roast Turkey! 

How to Make the Perfect Christmas Pudding

There’s always room for something sweet after Christmas dinner, and with Dexam’s Christmas kitchen essentials anyone would be sorry to miss out on the perfect Christmas Pudding. When preparing, once you have heated your mixture of dried fruits, spices, orange zest and juice, beat the butter, sugar, eggs and flour together in our Mixing Bowl until creamy and stir in with the cooled fruits, breadcrumbs, cinnamon and nuts - and don’t forget to make a wish! Transfer this mixture into your greased pudding basin and cover the bowl with grease-proof paper and our Butter Muslin, ensuring it is wrapped securely and fastened with string. Next, use one part of our Supreme 3-Tier Stainless Steel Steamer Set to heat the pudding through - remember to keep checking on the water level and add more if needed. For the sauce, melt the butter and sugar together in a frying pan. Tip in the pecans and cook until toasted. Add the cranberries, orange juice and liqueur and continue to bubble until the sauce is syrupy. The pudding and the sauce can both be either frozen for a month or chilled for a week until both are ready to be served and heating and steaming should be repeated. 

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How to Bake Tasty Christmas Treats

This year, to reward all the good girls and boys, Dexam’s Christmas kitchen essentials can help you to treat the little ones to some sweet snacks throughout the holiday season. Preoccupy the kids during the long afternoons of the Christmas holiday with baking; get rolling with our Wooden Rolling Pin and cutting with our Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Man Cookie Kits. The sets include varying designs of biscuit cutters, perfect for encouraging the kids to get creative and feel festive whilst building a different house or differently dressed gingerbread man every time. And when Christmas Eve is upon us, make sure to use our Non-Stick Mince Pie Tart Pan for the preparation of Santa Claus’ sweet treats that await him at the bottom of the chimney. 

So, with Dexam’s checklist, be sure to have a stress-free experience holiday cooking, equipped with our Christmas kitchen essentials, allowing you time to enjoy food and festivities with the family.