A Dog with a Blog

Whatever you may have been told about Dexam, I like to think that I help run things round here.

I am Boris, chief taster and assistant floor cleaner. I am about 6 years old, and I still live with my mother which is OK…..most of the time. I am part Jack Russell, part Fox Terrier and part something else. A vicar’s out-of-control dog got involved in my ancestry at some stage, but I am always being told ‘not to go there’, and that we should expect better from a man of the cloth. I live about 6 miles from the office, and am allowed to come in on a regular basis as long as I don’t do anything dreadful. Which, by and large, I manage.

Most of the time, I sleep. Sometimes, I bark at the squirrels on the tree outside the office, or the estate cat in the car park, until I am reminded that there are customers on the phone, and would I mind shutting up. At lunch time I go for a quick walk, and check out what is going on with our neighbours at the pizza base factory, the wet suit supplier and the blokes who sell tractors and stuff for the garden. Then I tend to hang around the staff room, staring at people as they eat their sandwiches, and doing my rather sad begging act, which seems to go down well. Finally, I go back to sleep again until it’s time to go home. It’s a busy day, of course, but it’s quite fulfilling in a funny way.

So what do I look for in a product? Good question. As a rule, I look for exactly the opposite things that Dexam wants. They want something that is great quality, while I want something that falls to pieces and drops stuff on the floor. They like things that go inside the ovens for ages; I don’t understand ovens, and am quite happy to eat anything raw. They go for tools that need dexterity. I don’t know what ‘dexterity’ means, let alone what it tastes like. Where we agree, though, is in the importance of having a fun workplace, and for my colleagues to be experimental in what they bring along to lunch.

You’ll be hearing quite a bit from me. Next up is our exciting collection from the School of Wok. I haven’t got a clue what a Dim Sum is, but I’ll be on hand to test them as we start to create them.