10 minutes with School of Wok founder, Jeremy Pang


Jeremy Pang and Dexam have been working closely schoolofwoklogotogether for many years, selling high quality woks and inspiring cookbooks to enthusiastic home cooks across the country.

On demand and forever on the go, we managed to squeeze a moment into Jeremy’s busy schedule. Wanting to get to know what makes this celebrity chef tick, we interviewed Jeremy. From where he sees his self in 5 years time to the ultimate day off, here is our ten minutes with Jeremy Pang…


Q- What inspired you to further a career in catering?

Well, it wasn't really a career in catering but one in cooking and teaching; both of which were inspired by my father, who was a fantastic communicator and just loved to cook!


Q- Which chef if any has had the biggest influence on you and your career?

There are three; Keith Floyd for having the guts to be himself, my father, for teaching me how to cook without saying a word (he just used to say - sit, watch and eat...and then you will learn son)... and my business partner Nev Leaning who has been steering the ship right along with me almost from day 1... and does the 'real' work behind the scenes.


Q- What has been your proudest moment to date?

There are far too many to choose from. Professionally, it was probably the day we opened the doors to School of Wok in Covent Garden. It was also the most terrifying too.


Q-  Eating out in London, what would be your first choice of restaurant?

Honestly, I couldn't pick just one. I love trying new places so any that come with a personal recommendation for great food (rather than fancy atmosphere) are always a worthwhile visit. Family run places always get me excited.


Q- You have a day off, how will you spend your day?

In an ideal world- sleeping in, spending time with my wife and son, going for a walk or a swim, cooking something in the kitchen or outside on the bbq and sharing a meal with family and friends. And if it were close enough, spending time on the beach... I love being by the sea.


Q- What is your favourite tool in the kitchen?

My wok and my cleaver are the only kitchen tools I started my business with, they have never failed me.


Q- You're holding a dinner party. What would you cook your guests?

Honestly, nothing too fancy or fussy, though sometimes a bit of opulence can go a long way, depending on the occasion. I like to serve a variety of dishes that work together to create a balance of texture, flavour and colour. Plus the best dinner parties are ones that get people involved, interacting with each other and really diving into the food. For example, a whole steamed fish with ginger and spring onion, a sweet and sour pork / chicken to add a bit of crunch, a slow cooked dish (braised aubergine or something more meaty like a Malaysian chicken curry), some flash fried veg and quick pickles on the side...


Q- What is your favourite dish to cook for yourself?

Frankfurters and fried rice- such a naughty but nice comfort dish.


Q- Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Teaching, cooking, writing, presenting and learning.


Q- Any plans for the summer?

Either myself or School of Wok will be appearing at a few festivals and food events this summer; from Carfest South to Hampton Court Flower Show, Taste of London, Chinese Food Festival, Abergavenny Food Festival and more!

For all those who are fans of Jeremy Pang and want to understand a bit more about him, the best way to get to know a chef is to take a look at what they enjoy cooking. To discover what dishes get Jeremy excited, head over to our School of Wok range and take a look at his superb cookbooks, Hong Kong Diner and Chinese Unchopped.