• Make and eat spaghetti in true Italian style

    Whenever my mum asked me what I wanted for tea as a child it was always spaghetti Bolognese, or frankly, anything spaghetti related! I loved the challenge of trying to spin the spaghetti onto my fork, emphasis on ‘trying’ as most of it landed on the table or down my clothes. So, when it was my turn with my children, the thoughts of cooking them spaghetti filled me with horror rather than a sen ...

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  • Coffee, the Italian way

    Torta al Cioccolato  One of my favourite pastimes is to spend time with friends sipping coffee -  al fresco because at that time ‘the world can wait for a while!’  Yes, an opportunity to ‘just be’, whilst the world continues to race on at full speed! Coffee is an integral part of the Italian culture, a cappuccino with a friend, an espresso with a business partner or an opportuni ...

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  • Spiralizer Success!

    We are delighted that the first few months of our fund-raising projects for Macmillan nutritionists has raised just over an an amazing £6400, which our MD Bryony handed over to a delighted James Bacharew from Macmillan in our Midhurst showroom. Dexam is giving a fixed amount from the sale of each Spiralizer to the charity, partly to raise funds specifically for nutritionist support, and partl ...

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  • Hansel, Gretel and the Gingerbread House

    After the Gingerbread Challenge on GBBO this week, we were interested to find out more about this festive treat.  Judi Zienchuk, the writer behind epicureandculture.com, provides an interesting insight into the history of gingerbread. Gingerbread has been around for thousands of years, since the times of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. During its early days, it was baked to be firm so that it ...

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  • Celebrating Local Food and Drink Heroes : The Exceptional English Wine Company

    Article by Iain Heggie The historic perception that Western Europe holds a monopoly on fine wine making was shattered many decades ago.  A glance at any wine seller’s shelves lays testament to the magnitude of the shift of oenological geography.  California, Australia, New Zealand and South America all arrived at the party as newcomers and now feature as regulars. Until recently, the UK has ...

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  • Healthy eating. Dexam teams up with Macmillan!

    Fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support Healthy eating is one of the main driving forces behind our product development here at Dexam, so we are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support who currently fund around 170 dietitians across the UK. Two members of our team have undergone successful treatment for breast cancer in the last few years, so we know fi ...

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  • Father's Day

    Lots of excitement round here about Father’s Day. Men in the office looking pleased with themselves and generally going on about how much they care. If you ask me, the one thing they care about is that their families get off down to the off license before it closes, so that Father’s Day can be celebrated in ‘the traditional way’.   Myself, I don’t really get it. I live with my ( ...

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  • "Learn, laugh, eat" with Jeremy Pang.

    Jeremy Pang The really big story around here recently has been the arrival of our new School of Wok products. We first met Jeremy Pang just over a year ago. He'd bought some of our woks to use in his cookery school and was really pleased with the way they performed so he called us and invited us to meet him at his cookery school, the School of Wok in Covent Garden. After showing us how to ...

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  • Celebrating our Local Food Heroes : Noble and Stace Chocolatiers

    We would like to introduce Mike Noble and Mike Stace who established Noble and Stace Chocolatiers in April 2015 in the small village of Easebourne, West Sussex, surrounded by the ancient forests of Midhurst and the great hills of the South Downs. After running a boutique B & B on the Kent coast for a couple of years, we relocated to West Sussex and had the opportunity to take a step back an ...

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  • Pang and Patrick

    I took a walk down to the warehouse this morning, as that is where I sometimes exchange morning pleasantries with the Holmbush Estate cat, and I discovered a huge container full of woks and assorted Chinese cooking accessories had arrived and was being unpacked. Chef Jeremy Pang Everyone round here is very excited, as we have planning this, and talking about the School of Wok project for mont ...

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